rained out, did you miss us?

we decided to pack it in early from the boardwalk on sunday because of the rain– all our neckwarmers, hats, bags, wraps and quilts were getting soaked. so if you missed us or planned to come back, we’re sorry, we missed you too.

but… it means we might still have that piece you had your eye on. we’ve been invited to participate in Art In The Plaza in front of Long Beach City Hall on Sundays (thanks Joann) and will post when details are finalized. in the meantime, email us at beachgirlspurls@yahoo.com with a description of the item you saw and if it’s still available, we’ll work out payment/delivery details with you.

thanks to everyone who commissioned us for a special order– we are flattered and surprised by the volume! to be fair, we are processing requests in the order which they were received. because each item is hand-crafted, please understand we can’t whip up a bunch of hats or ponchos in a week or two, and want to give your item the special attention it deserves. we will be in touch with each of you to work out the details and timing. thanks for understanding.