my day as a fiber chicken



Thanks Sonja and Jeff for allowing a couple of rookies to help with your alpaca shearing!

What an amazing day– lots of laughs, tons of fiber & a little poop, too. With help from 8 adults and 3 kids, the shearing dudes de-fuzzed 35+ alpacas, 3 llamas and 2 other animals. As a newbie, I was assigned the glam job of “fiber chicken” which meant a lot of time on my knees up close & personal with the animals, getting spit on, bagging & cleaning up fleece. Check out the video!

For efficiency, 2 shearing stations were set up so while one animal was getting a haircut, the other was getting roped into place & having his/her teeth & toes clipped. The shearing dudes were never idle, moving from one station to the next as soon as they were done.